Museum and Trading Post

Fort Belmont’s museum contains many items of historical interest.

Be sure to check out the transportation section with a covered wagon, skis, a dogsled, bikes, baby carriages, automobiles and a Native American made canoe.

Museum 04-30-09 008

Above is an authentic covered wagon on display courtesy of the Thomas Ringkob family of Jackson. Mary (Rawle) Ringkob came from Hastings, Minnesota to Jackson, Minnesota with her family in July of 1877 at the age of 6 months. This covered wagon is quite typical of the wagons that were used in that time period. The wagon carried all of their earthly possessions. They traveled about 20 miles per day, moving at about 2 miles per hour. Families often walked beside the wagon since it was such a rough ride. There were no roads or bridges. The covered wagon on display at Fort Belmont was pulled by only 2 horses.

Below is a 1908 Brush Runabout Model B. New cost was $465. It has a 1 cylinder, 6 horsepower engine. A Brush like this one climbed Pike's Peak in 8 hours.

1908 Brush Runabout

A furnished tipi encampment is sure to spark the interest of any age. Other items include a collection of early music machines and juke boxes, dolls from around the world and early pictures of Jackson and the surrounding area.

Museum 04-30-09 002

A treasure to behold, this is a picture of the 1930 Lincoln Club Roadster on loan from the Watland family. New cost was $5,500 dollars. The vehicle boasts leather seats, a golf compartment and a rumble seat. This is a "must see" item for the classic car enthusiasts.


While visiting the museum, don’t miss stopping by our gift shop. Memorabilia items are available for purchase to remember your visit to Fort Belmont.